Brass Bed

Sunshine, sarcastic, and sullen, Brass Bed are a quartet of wide-eyed pop dreamers rifling through record bins and churning out recordings that double as rock and roll history lessons. Born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana, their music elevates the unrestrained power pop of Big Star and the guitar heroics of Television with the 60's pop revivalism of bands like Dukes of the Stratosphear and the Elephant 6 collective. Their songs speak with a voice that is both thoroughly modern and reverent of the past.

From this wealth of musical wisdom, the crafted their sophomore LP, Melt White. An album of eleven sonic adventures recorded in Austin, TX with Danny Reisch at Cacophony Recorders and Good Danny's studios. The album captured the potent live Brass Bed sound on tracks like "Pop Mission" and "Bums On The Radio" and studio playfulness of their home recordings on "Aria" and "God Save The Thieves".

Recently, Brass Bed returned to Austin to work with Danny Reisch for their third and most ambitious effort to date. The Secret Will Keep You is fresh out of the mixing room and as the band's frontman, Christiaan Mader, puts it "The Secret Will Keep You" is about transitions.The anticipation of the unknown leaves us all shaking, unsure whether fate or sheer willpower can give us what we want and cast light into the shadow of an uncertain future.At some point we shudder from the weight of it. There’s a loneliness to defining yourself by what you do, who you love, and where you’re going, and watching each fall through the cracks.Often our only choice is a sigh of resignation to the reality that sometimes that lack of clairvoyance can be a blessing."

"Brass Bed recorded the album live to tape, to capture the essential mood of the players as they lived inside songs of disillusionment and anxiety, performed with both humor and honesty.From the wry and acerbic indictment of faith in “Cold Chicory” to the pleading lonesomeness of “I Guess I’ll Just Sing” to the outright anxious frustration of “A Bullet For You”, The Secret Will Keep You invites the listener to exist in that liminal balance between anxiety and regret, to feel the warts and imperfections inherent in living, and find the sigh and the shrug of shoulders required to accept it."

The press on Brass Bed's sophomore album, Melt White...

"It’s a solid yet pleasurably unpredictable pop band with requisite hooks and crunchy guitar sounds, which makes sense for a group that bills itself on its MySpace page as sounding like “a dog eating peanut-covered homework." Vanity Fair

"Brass Bed is a Lafayette, LA, quartet that channels the power of unrestrained rock and power pop, which it shared on its new LP, Melt White." CMJ

"I was on board with the lyric, "I don't believe in fate at your leisure" and was kept put with their clear influences from The Kinks and Television. Take those and them put into an indie-pop-and-country-twang-lick blender and you've got Brass Bed." RCRD LBL

"Brass Bed fits comfortably alongside earnest 70’s left of the dial rock bands like Big Star. The songs often start in tightly constructed pop structures, but append woolly, distorted monster interludes and codas more often than not. " Brightest Young Things

"Listening to their songs is like listening to a glossier version of Big Star’s #1 Record, or even, dare I say it, Sgt. Peppers." mySpoonful