Little Wings was formed in San Luis Obisbo, CA, and the music of Little Wings carries the landscape of its place of origin like clouds carry water vapor, to release it in a myriad of forms over a changing landscape. Little wings is a project that revolves around songwriter/artist Kyle Field, with a cast of other characters that slip 'n slide in and out of focus. The sounds that surround Little Wings change from record to record but there is a vibe, a sort of endless weekend feeling. Kyle Field is sure to be thought of as one of the great lyricists of our time, that's how we think of him at any rate... his ball-point pen is a magic wand.

Kyle currently lives in San Francisco, where he pursues his art, good surf, and music making.
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"Made it Rain" (LP/cassette) 2011 --- Gnome Life Records, Echomancy Tape Series

"Black Grass" (LP/CD) 2011 --- RAD

"Soft Pow'r " (LP/CD) 2007 --- RAD

"Grow" (LP/CD) 2005 --- K Records

"Magic Wand" (LP/CD) 2004 --- K Records

"Harvest Joy " (LP) 2003 --- K Records

"Light Green Leaves" (LP/CD/Cass) 2001 --- K Records

"Wonderue" (LP/CD) 2000 --- K Records

"The Wonder City" (LP/CD) 2000 --- K Records

"Discover Worlds of Wonder" (LP/CD) 1999 --- Walking Records