Sea Of Bees

Julie Ann Bee (referred to by most everyone as, simply,"Jules") is an epically rare musician who has crafted Songs For The Ravens, her first LP and follow-up to Sea of Bees' debut Bee Eee Pee EP, with the kind of intuitive knowing and organic talent that defies logic and defines great artists. The strength, innocence, honesty and purity of intention that flows throughout all 12 tracks manifests itself compositionally and technically-most immediately with the laser beam pull of Jules' captivating voice. She's so versatile, not only as a vocalist but as a songwriter, that Songs For The Ravens finds her masterfully navigating Americana-tinged stompers ("Sidepain"), heavy, trotting expanses ("Marmalade"), soaring harmonic rock sorrow ("Wizbot") and keyboard-brightened musings ("Willis"). Aside from the drums and a few other instrumental lines, Jules wrote and played every single bit of the entire album-including handheld percussion, glockenspiel, guitar, bass, keys, marimba and slide. Many of the tracks on the record are first or second takes, with nothing edited in; no screw-ups to hide.

These facts, understandably, blew publisher of Tape Op Magazine and producer John Baccigaluppi's mind. John met Jules when she was at his studio, The Hangar-she was singing in a room, he heard her in the hall, and immediately stopped to see who it was. "She's incredibly talented and intuitive in a way that I've only seen in a small handful of musicians," John, who has worked with countless thousands, explains. Shortly after meeting, John showed Jules how to use the recording software ProTools in a B-room of the studio, and by day's end, she had recorded the entirety of the five-song Bee Eee Pee. The recording of Songs For The Ravens was a different story, being a completely fleshed-out work that builds upon the stellar songs Jules started with.

This is a record that will soothe your broken heart, commiserate with you when you're angry, befriend you when you're lonely and celebrate life with you through the pure joy of its being. Longing is expressed with hope; sadness with understanding. Its scope, intensity and solidity would be considered stunning for any weathered artist; it's simply astounding here. Get ready to hear a lot from and about Sea of Bees from here on out. It's her time.

The Buzz on the Bees...

"But as always, the real star is Bee's lovely and distinctive voice." NPR naming Sea Of Bees to the top 100 acts at SXSW 2011

"Singing so close to the microphone that she scrapes it with her nose, her vocals are simultaneously childlike and aged, intimate and astonishing." London Guardian

"Sublime debut from honey voiced siren." Uncut Magazine

"Self-described as freak-folk, the Scaramento native mixes woozy vocals with guitar, that in the case of The Woods possesses a sound, on-the-surface not too dissimilar to Joanna Newsom with raised-pitch, skewing vocals adding a naive or slightly child-like quality.” Q Magazine

"One-woman band turns ache into wonderment." Spin Magazine

"California songsmith swaps sheltered upbringing for musical self-discovery." Mojo Magazine giving it 4 stars

"a strangely unique blend of haunting country music, pleasant-sounding folk and electronic psychedelia, all centred around Julie’s gentle but imposing voice.” Stereoboard

"Sea of Bees is the best thing I've discovered so far this year." Creative Loafing

"... folk-tinged indie-pop that's so disarmingly sweet and guileless, so tender in its pleas for emotional connection that it can soften the hardest of hearts, or penetrate the toughest of filters." LA Weekly

"As soon as you hear her, you're not going to be able to shake it." Portland Mercury

"It's rare but sometimes we geek out for Americana. This is one of those delicate moments as Sea of Bees was too invading to the ear to ignore." Impose Magazine